Is the hearing aid maintenance cost high?Hearing aid repair

Hearing aids have a warranty period, different brands and models, and different warranty periods. For example, a hearing aid with a warranty period of two years, which is damaged by non-human causes within two years of purchase, is free of charge. In addition, the hearing aids purchased by the Haisheng Acoustic Hearing Aid chain, the hearing aids beyond the warranty period need to be repaired, only need to pay the parts price, no need to pay the maintenance fee. According to the grade of the hearing aid, the repair price is different, there are different parts and the repair price is different. If the quality is in the warranty period, it can be repaired free of charge. First sent to the manufacturer for quotation, feel the price is appropriate to repair, the price is not suitable to send back.


It depends on what components of the hearing aid are broken, and the cost of repair is different. It is recommended to provide hearing aids to professional qualified and long-running chain stores. Such stores and manufacturers have established stable and harmonious cooperation, and the quality of maintenance is not only guaranteed. There are also discounts on maintenance fees.

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