Hearing aidWhat is the difference?? Is it enough to wear a hearing aid?

The listener is divided into left and right ears, whether it is the ear back machine or the custom machine has the left and right ears. Because if both ears have hearing loss, the hearing of the right ear is not the same as the hearing of the left ear. want to knowHearing aidPlease go to the professional fitting center for the knowledge. Are you experiencing problems with binaural hearing loss??When you want to choose a hearing aid, is it entangled in such a question: Is it one or two hearing aids??Many people think that wearing aHearing aidListening seems to have been improved a lot, making life more convenient.


However, wearing a hearing aid with one ear does not meet many of the basic needs of your life, and can even be counterproductive. A big problem caused by wearing a single ear is that it causes unilateral ear hearing deprivation and a decline in auditory nerve function. A person with hearing loss in both ears, if only choose to wear a hearing aid, the hearing center of the ear without the hearing aid will gradually reduce the ability to understand the language. This phenomenon is called progressive (later). The sexual hearing deprivation effect, the longer the more serious.

The main reason for the auditory deprivation effect is that the ear with the hearing aid transmits enough information to the brain so that the brain does not pay attention to the ear without the hearing aid.

With an example that is close to everyone’s life, some patients who need to stay in bed for a long time due to illness, if they do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to cause joint stiffness and cause muscle disuse atrophy. Muscle atrophy can seriously threaten the life and health of patients.

If the right arm is plastered, then after a while, the plaster will be found and the right hand is smaller than the left hand. That is because the right hand did not exercise during the period of time and caused muscle atrophy.

This shows how important the amount of exercise is appropriate for our body muscle tissue every day. Similarly, for our ears, if you don’t give hearing stimulation for a long time, let it be in a state of ruin, but the consequences are very serious.

In order to avoid this phenomenon, the most effective method at present is to choose a hearing aid for both ears. Wearing a hearing aid not only increases the amount of information the auditory center accepts, but also improves language comprehension. More importantly, if one ear has a sudden hearing loss (such as sudden hearing loss), then the other ear has sufficient language comprehension. To undertake the task of language exchange

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