Is it necessary for a two-year-old baby to wear a hearing aid?

If your child has hearing loss or wear it early, don’t miss the child’s best speech learning period. Need to pay attention to is to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, to diagnose the cause of hearing loss, and then to the professional child fitting center to choose a hearing aid for the child, the child’s hearing aid grade is not too low because the child needs a lot of sound stimulation, parents should be timely Give your child a language training and pay more attention to the child’s recovery.


Now newborns can be used for hearing screening. If hearing is really problematic, generally6You should consider wearing a hearing aid after a month, which is the time for normal babies to start learning the language, so don’t miss the best language learning period, and it will not affect the child’s later language development. Parents should observe the child’s response to the sound when they are first worn. The size is not suitable for immediate adjustment. Also, pay attention to whether the child wears the middle ear or not, and communicate with the fitter at any time to maintain the hearing aid.

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