Is hearing aids addictive for a long time?

Some of our customers will say such a sentence after they have finished the hearing aid. When I finish the match, I will not bring it back when I go home. If you come back, you will not be able to pick it up. This is what we call dependence. The human ear is an auditory organ. After hearing loss, the function of the organ is also reduced. Speech is a tool for human communication. When hearing is declining, people’s ability to distinguish speech is also reduced. They often cannot hear what others say, watch TV, and pick up. Telephones and the like are inconvenient. It has a great impact on people’s lives and work. The important content of the elderly health work in China is to ensure the health and spirit of the elderly. To this end, hearing aids should be worn very early on hearing aids to improve the quality of life. The so-called dependence, if it is a mega product, should be reasonable and necessary. Just like eyesight is not good, you have to use glasses. Judging from the experience of countries around the world, the use of hearing aids very early is beneficial to the health of the elderly. The effect of the hearing aid is good,Listening comfortably and clearly,Bring greater convenience to hearing-impaired friends,Then dependence is easy to produce,If not equipped with hearing aids,Your hearing will continue to drop,if that’s the case,The consequences will be more serious for you..It can also be said that the hearing aid is for him.(she was)benefit,beneficial.

This dependence is a good thing for people with hearing loss.,Just like visual impairment,Need to use glasses to make up for this obstacle,When the expected value is reached,Dependence naturally arises.But if you have a hearing aid without it, how can you protect your speech recognition?

So only if you have a hearing aid that is right for you, you will have a dependency. Only you will protect your speech recognition ability, increase or decrease. Only speech recognition does not fall. You can hear it clearly and understand it.

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