woreHearing aidIs hearing worse?

Wearing glasses with myopia, some people’s vision will still decline. Similar problems can occur with hearing aids for a long time.?Xia Jiyan, chief physician of the Department of Otolaryngology, Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that wearing a hearing aid does cause this problem, but it is not caused by the hearing aid itself. The problem lies in the ear: once the hearing is not fixed, some diseases(Such as a cold, etc.)May cause a drop in hearing;Second, as people age, their hearing function will also decline, both for normal people and those with ear problems.


If the reader’s hearing aid is getting more and more useless, all you have to do is to debug the machine at the repair point of the hearing aid and let yourself reach the hearing level. However, if your hearing declines quickly and your hearing is sharply reduced, it is recommended to go to the hospital to test your hearing and check for ear lesions.

Answer 2: Can use a hearing aid without a cochlear implant

So, is it as the reader said that hearing loss can help the cochlear implant??Xia Jiyan said that the principles of hearing aids and cochlear implants are different, and contraindications are also different.Hearing aidIt is equivalent to wearing a loudspeaker on the ear, the role is to expand the sound, just like the correction of vision on the eyes wearing myopia glasses. Applicable to patients who have certain hearing but who do not meet the standard. The cochlear implant is used in patients who do not hear the sound at all. In some patients, the sensory cells in the inner ear are damaged, which seriously hinders the transmission of auditory information. In layman’s terms, the role of cochlear implants is to convert sound waves into electrical signals, to excite the auditory nerve fibers, and to transmit sound information to the brain to produce hearing. Clinically, some patients have inaudible ears, but the hearing organs are congenitally malformed and have cerebral palsy. These patients are incapable of being able to cochlear implants.

In addition to different contraindications, installing a cochlear implant is an operation that costs up to10万~20More than 10,000 yuan, the operation is risky, and the cost is also a big problem. So, as long as there is hearing, you can useHearing aidIt is not necessary to install a cochlear implant for patients, especially elderly people should consider the risk of surgery.

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