Already wornHearing aidDo you want to make a cochlea?

The first reason for the cochlea is the real need. Even if the doctor was for conservative reasons, he could not100%To ensure postoperative results, but I want to try to have a better life.

The second reason is the expectation of the future, including the judgment and prediction of the effects of the cochlea, as well as its own development needs. The inconvenience caused by poor hearing to everyday life is really common for me. Their existence is like a transparent ceiling. I didn’t feel it when I was in elementary school or middle school. After I went to college, I and this. The distance from the ceiling was getting closer and closer, and finally one day I got to it, but there was no way to break it. And I listened to the distant voice in a thick fog, and it was more and more difficult to hold my mind. I always have an intuition: I can hear these sounds well, yes. This little voice repeated in my heart day after day, and finally formed an irreversible will and determination.

Link:Have you already worn a hearing aid, do you want to have a cochlea?

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