Is a very severe deaf hearing aid useful?

Extremely severe hearing loss can generally be fitted with hearing aids as long as there is residual hearing. But also according to the user’s own situation. The requirements for each user’s use of the hearing aid and the expected value of the environment are also different. Relatively speaking, the better the speech resolution, the better the effect of wearing a hearing aid; of course, the scientific fitting is also important to choose the appropriate hearing aid. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the professional chain hearing aid fitting center area to experience and try on. It is best to be suitable for you after the experience.


Hello, generally as long as there is residual hearing can be equipped with hearing aids, so very severe deafness hearing aids are also useful, but the specific effects should be based on:

1.The degree of hearing loss (the effect of extremely severe ears may be poor);

2.According to the loss of hearing properties (in general, the conductive hearing loss is more obvious than the sensorineural effect);

3.According to the quality of the speech, the better the speech resolution (the better the speech resolution is, the better it may be better to wear the hearing aid);

4.It will also be related to many factors such as the selected hearing aid brand, quality, function and level of the fitter, so it is still It is recommended that you go to the local professional hearing aid fitting center to experience and try on it, and choose the hearing device that suits you.

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