Tinnitus, can you wear a hearing aid?

Patients with hearing loss do not necessarily have tinnitus, but patients with tinnitus will have a reduced hearing for a long time. It is recommended to go to the hearing aid fitting center for hearing tests. If you find that your hearing is declining, find early, treat early, and intervene early. Some patients with tinnitus receive the attention of the outside world by wearing a hearing aid, and they don’t feel the tinnitus. Other patients wear a hearing aid or feel tinnitus. The hearing aids in both ears do not feel tinnitus, and the mood will be better. . In addition, the technology is developed now, and the hearing aid has the function of tinnitus masking.


1.Tinnitus is one of the important reasons for hearing loss, and hearing loss may increase tinnitus;

2.The fully-accepted all-digital hearing aid has the effect of protecting and improving the existing hearing, and long-term wear can alleviate the speed of hearing loss;

3.Many high-end hearing aids now have tinnitus masking function, which can relieve tinnitus or even ignore tinnitus after debugging;

4.It is recommended to go to the local professional professional hearing aid fitting center to consult the experience and choose the hearing aid that suits you. I hope that my reply is helpful.

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