Pulling out ears is a common thing, but it may also be caused by pulling out ears. This is not alarmism. There are many people in this situation. Take out an ear, clean the cerumen in the lower ear, how to get sick?

The skin of the cartilage of the outer ear canal secretes a kind of light yellow slime, namely cerumen, which is commonly known as earwax. It is also called earwax when pulling out the ear. Some people’s earwax is dry, but others are greasy. But whether it’s dry or wet, don’t take it out easily.

As can be seen from the above figure, the earwax secreted by the skin of cartilage will be discharged to the external auditory canal, and the tympanic membrane is always in. When we use tools to clean the earwax in the ear canal, it is likely that the tympanic membrane will be injured because we can’t grasp the scale. Once there is a problem with the tympanic membrane, it may affect our hearing. There is also a common situation. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with because of the attachment of earwax on the wall of the ear canal. When cleaning, it may hurt the skin of the ear canal and cause the bleeding of the ear canal. If not handled well, it is likely to suffer from otitis media due to wound infection.

For people with oily ears, pay attention not to confuse the earwax secreted by the ears with the secretion of otitis media. If suffer from otitis media, the ear will be purulent, there is a fishy smell, the most obvious is the ear pain, which is the most obvious difference, and the normal oil ear secretion will not be accompanied by earache.

If you want to clean earwax, but you don’t want to go to the hospital to deal with it, you should pay attention to the cleaning methods, and it’s better to have others help clean it. If earwax is difficult to clean, you can use medical hydrogen peroxide, drop it into the ear canal for two days, and it will be better to deal with it after it softens. We can rest assured that the medical hydrogen peroxide used will not cause harm to the ear canal and tympanic membrane.

Suggestion: don’t take out the ear frequently. The earwax will be discharged from the ear canal by itself with the chewing, opening and other movements of people. Even for people with oily ears, earwax will flow out of the ear canal.

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