The Year of the Rat is a different year. This year, a new type of virus has brought disaster to our humanity. Just as our medical staff and other relevant behind-the-scenes workers across the country are on the frontline to rescue and support assistance, but Some immoral rumors do not contribute to the people of the society, but I will spread these rumors for everyone, so as not to be deceived and cause unnecessary harm to myself.

Rumor one:

Rumors said that the family secret recipe, dipped in sesame oil with cotton swabs before going out, dripped into two nostrils, a few pinch, can block all influenza and plague virus. It is also rumored that during this period of the Republic of China, how many people were cured by this secret recipe of his family, and no one was injured.

Some people with common knowledge know that vegetable oil can play a role in moisturizing and moisturizing, but I am afraid that there is no such effect for epidemic viruses, and no expert professor has publicly announced that it has this effect. Suppose, even if there is such a curative effect, it is not related to ancestral heritage. Are there any special ingredients in sesame oil that are different from sesame oil on the market? It does not explain the difference, but it is clear that every household has sesame oil, just wipe the nostrils when you go out. Please don’t believe this rumor method, there is no scientific basis, even if there are no side effects, don’t try it easily, so as not to cause unnecessary consequences.

Rumor 2:

Someone in Chinese medicine spreads traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions on the Internet. It is said that it can prevent close contact with new coronavirus pneumonia. The prescription is 15 astragalus, atractylodes rhizome 15, windproof 7.5, honeysuckle 15 and so on. .

I have not written all the above prescriptions. It is conceivable that the country is currently developing medicines to cure new viral pneumonia, and no results have been determined. Some media reports have already developed medicines that can be treated. But it is not Chinese medicine. These Chinese medicines are also used to treat diseases such as the prevention of epidemic colds. Such rumors can be imagined if someone easily believes that there is a problem with drinking. This is not ordinary food. This is traditional Chinese medicine. Please do not try this kind of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. We have fever and other symptoms. Please go to the relevant designated hospitals to check in time. Now each region has the corresponding new virus designated hospitals. Be conscious of actively cooperating with your doctor, responsible for yourself, your family and others around you.

Rumor Three:

Drinking white wine can fight the eradication of new viruses, which is an unscientific folk rumor. Liquor is not a medicine, can not treat epidemics of colds, etc. After drinking, it can cause fever and even alcoholism. Do not try to drink white wine during this period, so as not to cause problems to the hospitals that are fighting the virus on the front line, they have already worked hard enough. The medical staff of some hospitals did not take a break during the Spring Festival holiday and went to various hospitals for rescue. Some doctors have clearly expressed their opinions and opinions, stating that liquor can not eliminate this new virus, so do not believe this rumor.

In addition to the above three kinds of rumors, there are many people in various regions throughout the country who are spreading various home remedies and rumors. Please pay attention to care for your life, and also be responsible for your family and friends. In our social era, we must not believe these rumors, nor should we spread them. We must believe in science and hospital doctors. In all cases, go to the hospital immediately. Do not try this unscientific method at home and take all kinds of drugs yourself, so as not to delay the illness.

Prompt everyone to wear masks for prevention, to avoid crowded places, to avoid close contact with the spread of saliva, high temperature disinfection of tableware and clothing at home, maintain environmental hygiene, strengthen exercise and improve immunity.

Link:I will spread these rumors for everyone, so as not to be deceived and cause unnecessary harm to myself.

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