So what exactly caused this epidemic to be so serious? The academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave us the answer.

The virus originated from the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan. There are several “game” shops in corners full of pungent effluent, entrails of animals, and pungent odors. It specializes in selling wild animals such as civets, pangolins, swans and even peacocks. These animals are clearly marked one by one, ranging from as little as 5 yuan a mouse to as much as 2,000 yuan a peacock. Note is that as long as you have money, you can ship. It is also because of the pursuit of “game” by these illegal merchants, ignorant and even perverted people, that has caused the coronavirus to ravage the country. Defending the country requires the efforts of each of us. Destroying a country can be done with just a few people or even a few mouths.

This catastrophe did not release our little Yingxian.


Up to now, Yingxian has confirmed 3 cases. After the discovery of the first suspected case, the county government initiated a major public health first-level response and adopted emergency measures. All the rural roads were closed by themselves, and personnel were not allowed to enter or leave for any reason. All major arterial roads to the county seat are provided with post cards, which can be accessed only through identity card registration and temperature measurement; internet cafes, KTV and other gathering places are not allowed to operate; publicity through television and mobile phones is used to increase residents’ awareness of protection; Township personnel shall register and investigate. The originally lively streets became desolate and desolate. The people of the county were frightened and the virus had already come to us.

In order to win the epidemic fight more quickly, we should strengthen personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, strengthen exercise, and stay away from poultry and animals; prevent sickness from going to work, gatherings, and timely medical treatment if there are fever symptoms. I believe that as long as each of us pays attention and strives to prevent and control, the winner of this war will be us.


In the end, I want to say: Do n’t let so many innocent animals, living lives, and even the whole nation and the whole country become the “deliciousness” in the mouth of those “game lovers”, our lives ca n’t stand it. With such contempt, our nation cannot afford such trauma. Protect animals, resist game, start with me, start with everyone around us.

Link:The impact of the new coronavirus is believed to be all of us deeply affected.

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