“There is no urgent suggestion. Do not come back for the time being. If you do need to come back, talk to the community and me. Do your own precautions and fight the epidemic!” On February 5, the Jiaxing Coronary Virus Pneumonia Prevention Leader After Order No. 9 of the Group, the landlord Xiao Zhu once again conveyed the documents to the tenant and sent the tenant a Chinese New Year gift package-exempting one month’s rent, which made the tenant feel warm.


It is understood that the tenant Ms. Dong’s hometown is in Anhui, and she returned to her hometown in Anhui to celebrate Chinese New Year. Unexpectedly, an unexpected epidemic struck, disrupting the return plan of Ms. Dong’s family. Taking into account the need for epidemic prevention and control and exempting tenants from the burden, the landlord Xiao Zhu promptly sent them a Spring Festival gift package and told them to rest at home at ease, try to avoid going out, do their own precautions, and cope with difficulties!


There is a warm sun in winter, and you can see the truth when you are in trouble. It is understood that Xiao Zhu’s house was originally intended to improve the living conditions for the elderly to live in, but he was also carrying a loan. However, on the one hand, the old man likes to live with his children. On the other hand, the old man thinks that renting out can also reduce the burden on the family. Therefore, he has always lived with his children and rented out the house first.

“At this time rent-free, my wife didn’t support it at first, thinking that we still have to pay back the loan, and the bank will not be loan-free, we also have to eat.” Speaking of his response to the tenant ’s proposal to rent-free rent to seek family opinions At the moment, Xiao Zhu Yan said. However, later, under the joint ideological work of Xiao Zhu and his father-in-law of his old party member, the family also agreed to rent-free for the tenants. “Just be an empty renter for a month. Who told me there were 2 party members in the family?” Xiao Zhu’s wife said.


In the face of the epidemic, we are all together! Don’t forget your original intention, party members go first! As a party member of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway of the Zhejiang Transportation Group, Xiao Zhu said that he is an ordinary party member and employee of a transportation company. He is now on the front line to prevent and control duty, and can only do his best to do something practical. I believe that as long as everyone is united , We will certainly be able to win this epidemic prevention and control fight. Through the cold winter, bright spring is bound to usher!

Link:I believe that as long as everyone is united , We will certainly be able to win this epidemic prevention and control fight.

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