An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Since the outbreak of new corona virus infection pneumonia, public security agencies across the country have heard orders and closely followed their duties and tasks, closely monitored the epidemic situation, cancelled vacations, and mobilized the police. Do a good job in all aspects of epidemic prevention and control.

The General Office of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the General Office of the Municipal Government printed and issued emergency notices requiring all civil servants in the city to end their holidays in advance and return to work by 00:00 on January 27 to be involved in epidemic prevention and control. In accordance with the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the majority of public security police in the city have all staff members on their posts and will work with relevant departments to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. The traffic control department quickly launched a prevention and control disposal plan to ensure the smooth passage of emergency supplies and medical and quarantine personnel vehicles, strengthen the traffic control of hospitals and surrounding roads, and key roads in and out of the city, and cooperate with the health and epidemic prevention departments to better control key vehicles and personnel.

The Shandong Provincial Public Security Department issued an emergency notice. From now on, the provincial public security police and auxiliary police stopped their vacations and immediately returned to their posts to devote themselves to epidemic prevention and control. The notice emphasized that, while further tightening various prevention and control measures, public security organs at all levels must effectively do a good job of internal protection, care about and care for front-line police, scientifically and reasonably arrange police forces, and make every effort to equip front-line police officers with the necessary protective equipment and logistical support. Leading cadres at all levels of the public security organs, especially the main leading cadres, must adhere to their posts, take forward command, implement the system of leadership and leading shifts, and earnestly fulfill their duties and responsibilities. Strictly observe disciplines and rules, and take serious accountability for the inadequate implementation of work and the impact of dereliction of duty.

The public security organs of Zhejiang Province have comprehensively improved their service levels. All members of the provincial, city, and county-level public security organs and all police station leadership teams have canceled their vacations to stay on their posts and command forward. One-half of the other police forces are on the job. Up to now, the province has invested 186,000 police forces, coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and the Spring Festival security work, and cooperated with the health and epidemic prevention departments to carry out joint prevention and control to ensure the overall stability of the society.

Public security agencies around Heilongjiang have launched emergency plans, comprehensively implemented various epidemic prevention measures, and generally established leading groups for epidemic prevention and control, formulated implementation plans and work plans in accordance with relevant requirements, and refined responsibilities. All entry and exit points, such as highway checkpoints, will be augmented with police force, strictly implement the vehicle-by-vehicle inspection system, establish passenger registration accounts, actively cooperate with the health and epidemic prevention departments, and resolutely win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

The Railway Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security earnestly implements the deployment of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, organizes national railway public security organs to improve security service levels, strengthen station and vehicle inspections, purify public security order, and actively assist in epidemic prevention and control and disposal, and make every effort to ensure that passengers travel safely and orderly To ensure the smooth flow of railway transportation. At the same time, railway public security organs in various places are required to implement police-friendly measures in detail, distribute masks and other corresponding protective equipment to police officers on duty, strengthen police body temperature measurement, scientifically arrange posts, rationally arrange police forces, strengthen police education, and do a good job in all aspects of epidemic prevention control work.






Although the first quarter of each year is the spring and travel season for airlines, and Spring Airlines’ current performance is not bad, Spring Airlines has not unexpectedly continued to decline. Due to the low-cost and low-cost airline positioning of Spring Airlines, the company is in China and Japan. The routes play an important market position, which may adversely affect the loss of Spring and Autumn Airlines ‘Japanese business. According to information disclosed by Spring and Autumn Airlines, Spring and Autumn Japan ‘s business lost more than 100 million yuan in the first half of last year.

It is worth mentioning that Japanese cosmetics have become a hard demand for Chinese tourists flying to Japan for purchase. Spring Airlines also deployed a duty-free shop business for Chinese tourists in Japan. However, after the outbreak, on January 21, Japan Airlines shares and cosmetics The sector collectively fell, and Shiseido, a leading cosmetic stock, fell about 4% in intraday trading, making it the stock with the largest decline in the Nikkei.

Spring Airlines unanimously saw continuous declines. This company that had good fundamentals was killed by funds, and Jiulianyin lost more than 10% of its stock price.


But this year is very different. The unexpected Wuhan epidemic has become a key factor that affects the A-share aviation stock’s trend in the first quarter. According to the People’s Daily on January 20, Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the high-level expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and a national clinical expert on respiratory diseases, pointed out that according to the current data, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia is a positive human-to-human transmission. There are two cases in Guangdong. I have not been to Wuhan, but my family members contracted a new type of coronavirus pneumonia when they went to Wuhan. Now it can be said that there is definitely a person-to-person transmission.


Affected by this news, some airlines have begun to take action. Wuhan Airport has stepped up the investigation of departing passengers. Tianjin Airlines, Kunming Airlines, Hainan Airlines and other airlines announced that they will provide free refund and modification services for affected passengers.

The actions of some airline companies and the news of the epidemic have obviously affected the attitude of A-share funds to the current aviation stocks.

As the leading stock of low-cost and low-cost airlines, especially in the Japanese market, in the context of the spread of the epidemic, Spring Airlines may become the object of avoidance of A-share funds.


According to media reports, Japan ‘s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare stated on January 16 that the first case of new coronavirus infection was found in Japan. The patient was a 30-year-old Chinese man living in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, who had previously traveled to Wuhan and Fever symptoms appear.


Spring Airlines’ passiveness is obvious. Some fund managers in Shenzhen believe that it is currently difficult to assess the impact on Spring Airlines’ Japanese business. However, the Japanese tourism industry is heavily dependent on the Chinese tourist market. In the tourist routes between China and Japan, due to its own low-cost and low-cost airline market Status, Spring and Autumn Airlines occupies an important market position in China-Japan tourism routes.


Spring Airlines Japan has not yet achieved profitability, and the company is also trying to make up for its losses. According to Spring Airlines’ financial report, Spring Airlines had a net loss of 5 billion yen (approximately RMB 300 million) in the Japanese market in 2018 alone, an increase of 800 million yen over the same period of the previous year.


Spring Airlines’ Japanese business, which is struggling to make a profit, is likely to be subject to further market pressure. Spring Airlines has stated earlier that it is striving to increase the number of passengers flying to Japan to 1.25 million by 2020 and increase the number of routes connecting Chinese and Japanese cities from the current 30 to 40.


Tourists from Spring Airlines coming from the Chinese market also like to buy Japanese products such as cosmetics at duty-free shops in Japan. Spring Airlines has started to set up duty-free shops in the Japanese market since 2015. For Chinese tourists traveling to Japan by Spring and Autumn Airlines, Shiseido cosmetics in duty-free shops have always been a hard demand. Obviously, due to the outbreak, the share price performance of Spring and Autumn Airlines and Japanese cosmetics companies are creating a synergy effect.



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