“Observe orders at any time and never flinch!” A cover letter from the relevant units and organizations around the world was like the loudest horn of battle, sounding the charge of the war “epidemic” of new coronavirus infection.


It was supposed to be a family reunion, but medical workers from all over the country, including Wuhan, were holding back the epidemic and using their flesh and blood to build a solid Great Wall to protect the health of the people. Not just medical workers, “retrogradeers” also have people from all walks of life: factory workers who work overtime to produce scarce medical masks, medical protective clothing, Vulcan Mountain, construction workers at Raytheon Hospital, railways, Police, sanitation, streets, soldiers and more. Of course, there is never a shortage of party members in the “retrograde”.


“Dear party organization, I volunteer to join the Chinese Communist Party …” On the second day of helping Wuhan, the young nurse Jin Shan submitted an application to join the party. Jin Shan’s mother was a retired soldier. When fighting SARS in 2003, she fought on the front line as a doctor in the hospital’s laboratory. At the time, Jin Shan was also a nursing student. “My mother set an example for me, so this time I resolutely signed up to Wuhan. Many of the excellent medical workers around me are members of the Communist Party. They are all very good. I am determined to move closer to them, give play to their expertise, and fight. Win this battle without smoke. ” Even some retired party members also submitted their applications: “Although we are a bit older, the spirit of the pioneering role model of the Communist Party members has not retreated!” Party members will never be absent at the moment when the motherland and the people need it.


In the face of the epidemic, we have seen that grass-roots party organizations in hospitals and medical and health units actively command and dispatch forward, set up party commandos, set up party member vanguard posts, and organize the majority of party member medical staff to charge forward and fight ahead. Patients, like relatives, are not afraid of danger, perform their duties with due diligence, and strive to be “the most beautiful retrogrades.” Sub-districts and communities at all levels focus on epidemic prevention and control work, establish party member responsibility zones, set up party member responsibility posts, set up party member prevention and control vanguards, organize party members and cadres to take the lead in piecework, full-scale registration and inspection, and disseminate knowledge of epidemic prevention and control.


“How many years are quiet, it’s just that someone is moving forward for you.” In winning the fight against epidemic prevention and control and tackling tough battles, party members have raised their political positions, effectively demonstrated their role, and consolidated epidemic prevention and control as a consolidation Expanding the important test of the educational achievements of the theme of “Not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission” will provide a strong guarantee for resolutely curbing the spread of the epidemic.


You sacrifice your ego and achieve your ego. Although they walked against the wind, they grew up in the sun and blossomed.




In the Gengzi Spring Festival in 2020, the bustling crowds and busy traffic are not visible on the streets, people in a hurry are wearing masks, and they are alert and alienated from each other … The number of diagnoses is increasing every day, and the epidemic map is constantly expanding. It affects the hearts of 1.4 billion people. The pneumonia epidemic situation of preventing and controlling new-type coronavirus infection is grim. In this battle where no “enemy” is visible and there is no gun smoke, there are such a group of people who have risen up against the current, with their immature shoulders, and united their ambitions. Bridge. ”


On that day, dressed in white, it was the armor of the hero on the battlefield. Recently, there is a hot topic on the Internet, “the most beautiful back”. The most liked photo is a few medical staff, wearing strict protective clothing, standing in a row and rushing to the ward. We are in the New Year and they are helping everyone through the customs. I do n’t know who you are, but because of your insistence, let us stop panic, because a white coat shows us the most beautiful armor. The 90s who once wrote their names on school uniforms have become front-line soldiers who now write their names on protective clothing. Under protective clothing, they are like you and me. They are children, parents, close friends, and lively. Splendid ordinary people. Are they afraid? of course. But it is them who overcome the fear and “return to the top” in desperate times, in the face of a raging epidemic, always sticking to their posts; it is they who use the retrograde thin body to build the epidemic prevention and control Copper wall and iron wall. As described by Tang Sha, the head nurse of the Wuhan Central Hospital, “Which white angels are there, it’s just a group of children changing their clothes, learning from their predecessors, treating people to save lives, and robbing people of death.” Angel with invisible wings.


At that moment, the green silk was cut off. On January 26, the news of a “bald nurse” attracted attention once. Shan Xia, a neurology nurse at the East Hospital of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, was a post-90s nurse and a mother of two children. She decisively sent the two children away, and because her hair may also be infected with the virus, she resolutely cut off her waist-long hair “Bald Head” at home. The ancients said, “My body is skin-skinned, my parents do not dare to be injured, and the beginning of filial piety.” I, who also has long hair, can better understand the significance of this decision. Girls love beauty, and it ‘s okay to cut their long hair, but cut into bald heads, even men, how many people have the courage? When everyone moved and said, “This white dress is too heavy”, Shan Xia felt that cutting a bald head was really nothing, “just for me to wear a hat, wear protective clothing, go to the battlefield, and protect myself and my colleagues.” Because in this white coat, a nurse’s hat, and belief, they ca n’t even step back if they are afraid. In order to cut off the source of infection and try to treat the patient, they do more than cut their hair. “If you are unfortunate, please donate my body to study the virus” “I will not escape at critical moments, and I will not be a deserter”, these words come from the mouth of a little girl after 1995, Tianyou Hospital of Wuhan University of Science and Technology Li Hui, a nurse in the oncology department. Since the outbreak began, since New Year’s Eve, she has remained at her job and has never left. Because there is such a group of young heroes who are selfless and courageous, they are not afraid of the virus, and they are people and the country, so that people see their determination to fight for them, and strengthen our strong confidence to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.


That one sentence, no recklessness, is the love of Chizi’s gratitude. At the age of 24, it is just the right age, but the nurse at the Fourth People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province, Sha Sha, has more responsibility and gratitude than this age. She survived the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and witnessed selfless assistance to people in the disaster-stricken areas across the country. After the hospital issued a notice convening the second batch of medical aid team members, she volunteered to apply for a battle. Among the reasons for her and the head nurse’s application, the most moving part was the phrase “Because I am different from other nurses, I am “Wenchuan people”, similar to this, also a post-95 male nurse Xu Hanbing said, born in China is a lucky thing, you ca n’t shrink back when you are in danger. “He fought the anti-pneumonia front line, solemnly in protective clothing It reads “Remember the country with loyalty.” The grace of dripping water should be reported to Yongquan. This sentence seems simple, and few people in life can do it. For the justice of the home country, pay all, even the cost of life, for them We have explained the surging patriotism of the country’s rise and fall, and the responsibility of the husband. The young generation of the 90s, once referred to as the “broken” generation, many people question whether we can shoulder the burden of building the country and the nation. Carrying China’s firm backbone towards the future?


The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. In this battle of epidemic prevention and control, countless post-90s generations came forward in the face of severe epidemics, rushed to the front line, regardless of their personal safety, and went deep into the front line to visit the truth of the epidemic; New Year’s Eve is ready to support the frontline PLA medical teams; hospitals around the world Medical workers who firmly pressed the red handprint on the request book; and people at home and abroad who love Wuhan and donate good money. Among countless touching things, the post-90s told the society with actual performance: we must do it! The water drips into a river, and 1.4 billion compatriots are standing behind us. Everyone is united in one city. Please believe everyone’s efforts and believe that there will be a bright rainbow after the haze.

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