The results of the hearing test will be made into an audiogram. As mentioned earlier, the frequency is measured in Hertz.(Hz),Loudness is measured in decibels(dB),The test results will indicate the degree of hearing loss at several key frequencies by the number of decibels. This curve is called the hearing threshold curve, or the audiogram. Normal person’s listening threshold0dBBecause there are individual differences, so the test results are20dBBoth are normal hearing.

How to view audiograms
The air conduction and bone conduction thresholds at each critical frequency are indicated by different symbols, and the left and right ears are also distinguished by different symbols. The audiogram represents the minimum decibel number that the individual can perceive, that is, the hearing threshold. In order to read and understand the audiogram, you must see the frequency and loudness level of the different speech sounds displayed in the yellow area of ​​the audiogram, which is called the “speech banana map” because of its envelope shape. The vowel has higher intensity and lower frequency, while the consonant intensity is lower and the frequency is higher. Therefore, the vowel sounds louder, but the consonant contains more literal meanings, such asHouse(house)OrMouse(mouse).

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