The rainy season is coming hearing and how to prevent moisture

Close to the rainy season, most users have hearing aid failures, so that you can use the center to work freely as soon as possible to do moisture. Once you get into the habit of hearing aids, hearing aids are an important part of your life. Many of my friends often ask how long a hearing aid lasts. This is a difficult question to answer. Hearing aids are complex electronic devices that can be used correctly and regularly to increase their useful life.

Clean accumulated earwax every day to keep your ears clean and clean every day hearing aidWithout blocking the hearing aid on the hearing aid. If the sound of the hearing aid is weak, possibly due to a blocked sound socket or eye protector, press the forceps cover on the cleaning pad and remove the earwax (especially the ear hearing aid).

To avoid the wet and corrosive parts of the hearing aid, please dry it, then touch the hearing aid and often wipe the ear and ear sweat. Do not place the hearing aid in the bathroom, take out the hearing aid, take a shower or swim before showering. We recommend removing the hearing aid every day, removing the battery, drying it and putting it in a dry box. If the desiccant is discolored, replace the desiccant.

Link:How to prevent moisture in the rainy season

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