How to prevent deaf children from speaking

The experience of clinical rehabilitation proves that it is better to take scientific training methods in advance to prevent the occurrence of speech disorders.


It is well known that speech is produced through coordinated activities of the respiratory system, the glottis system, and the supraglottic system. The respiratory system is the dynamic system. The gas present in the lungs, trachea and bronchus is controlled to form a gas flow with the respiratory motion, reaching the glottis and converting into a series of pulse signals. Then, through the joint action of the various organs of the supraglottic system, sound waves are formed, and finally the sound is emitted by the mouth and the nose, and the feedback of the sense of hearing and the touch makes the speaker better adjust the sound. Therefore, pronunciation training includes training in breathing, attacking, and articulation. If the training of the above three links is done at the beginning of the rehabilitation of the deaf children, it is possible to avoid the occurrence of deaf children’s speech disorder.

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