In China, the number of newly born hearing impaired children is increasing every year. In order to improve the education quality of hearing impaired children, the society has put forward higher requirements for the effect of hearing aids. The responsibility of the parents of the hearing impaired children in this process has also become the focus of attention After children are equipped with hearing aids, most of them have to go through the learning and rehabilitation of language training classes, including living in school and day reading. No matter which way, parents can’t give their children to the language teacher and feel that everything is going well. They just concentrate on their work and ignore their children’s learning process. Language teachers and parents should take turns to teach their children courses in different fields so that their children can grow up into healthy individuals who can live independently From the moment when the hearing aid is put on, parents should be patient to help children get familiar with the hearing aid and learn to recognize the voice People with normal hearing live in various noisy environments every day, such as birds singing in the woods, vehicles on the road, and all kinds of collisions in the family I’m used to it and turn a deaf ear to it. But in the process of the growth of the hearing impaired children, the environment is silent. Now we use hearing aids to let them enter the world of sound. At this time, everything is ringing. It’s not used to them. There will be upset mood for a while. Parents should understand this especially. Parents should follow the steps below to help the hearing impaired children to be familiar with the use of hearing aids.

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(1) take the child to a quiet room and tell him something he is familiar with. He can also use the familiar sound toy to make it sound in different places of the room, and guide the child to have intuition and sense of direction to the sound.

(2) take the child to the kitchen, let him listen to the sound of various environments such as cutting vegetables, cooking, touching chopsticks, running water, etc., so that he can get the feeling of other sounds besides voice.

(3) take him to a quiet room to listen to the radio or watch TV, and let him listen to social news or other programs that children like.

(4) put on the hearing aid while eating. Parents can introduce him to the dinner table slowly.

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