Before the start of school, find a nearby hearing aid fitting center to dehumidify and maintain it. It is usually maintained in about three months, or you can buy an electronic dryer.

The key to the maintenance and maintenance of hearing aids is moisture, battery leakage, vibration and ear wax. It is recommended that when the hearing aid is deactivated every night, open the hearing aid door and place it in the dry box. Regularly3Months (the specific time interval depends on the personal use method and the use environment to determine the maintenance time) to the professional fitting center for cleaning and maintenance. After half a year or so, go to the hearing center to check your hearing and debug according to the specific hearing situation. The frequent maintenance of hearing aids can extend the life of hearing aids to some extent.

Open the hearing aid battery compartment door every night and place it in a dedicated dry box. Hearing aids are not fixed in one place for a long time like TV sets and telephones, so they are not prone to malfunction. In people’s living environment, moisture and dust from the air can damage your hearing aids. Protect your hearing aids, and maintain the moisture-proof, battery-proof and other maintenance work will greatly improve the use of hearing aids and extend the service life.

Link:How to maintain the hearing aid after school

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