How to maintain the ear – how to maintain the ear [maintenance ear method]

How do we properly protect our ears? The ear is one of the important organs of the human body, but if we don’t understand protection, it will invade our hearing. For example, listening to music with headphones for a long time, swimming in the ear or bathing in the ear, etc. Now, the hearing has a way to protect everyone’s ears, so that we can maintain a very healthy hearing, you don’t have to be afraid to hear it, as summarized below:

How to maintain the ear - how to maintain the ear [maintenance ear method]

First, the attention time for wearing headphones should not be too long. There is a very common phenomenon now, especially the younger generation, whether they are walking, waiting for a car, taking a car, eating, holding a mobile phone in their hands, stuffed with earphones in their ears, and even some people don’t forget when they work. To listen to music, with headphones, I feel like I’m wearing headphones all day. I believe that many people have experience, earphones for a long time, always feel the pain of the ear, because we are young and healthy, may not feel it now, but I can be sure, soon after, the ears will always have problems.

Therefore, friends who love to listen to songs, try to pay attention to the combination of work and rest, take a rest for an hour or so, protect our ears and let the ears breathe.

2. Try to keep your ears as little as possible, especially don’t use sharp tools to rub your ears.

If we often use headphones to listen to songs or other things, the ears are more likely to produce more deafness, and occasionally accompanied by itching, this time I always want to rub my ears, and sometimes I accidentally hurt my ears. And often the feeling of comfort in the ears is easy to addictive, and often the ears will have a bad influence on the ear force.

So, for the health of your ears, try to keep your ears as little as possible.

3. Daily attention to clean the outer ear, pay more attention to wash your ears around your face every day.

Sometimes we may not notice that the outer ear part of our ear, behind the ear, because it is invisible, no one pays attention, often a lot of dirt remains on it, so it is recommended to clean your outer ear part, especially behind the ear. Pay more attention to washing your ears around your face every day.

4. Bathe, swim the ear into the water and clean it in time.

When bathing, shampooing, or when we are swimming, pay attention to the waterproofing of the ear. Inadvertently cause water in the ear, especially when it is not clean, be sure to clean it in time, otherwise it will be easy to inflame. If you wash your hair into the bath, clean it with a cotton swab. If you swim into the water, your head is on one side, your feet will jump, the water will come out, and then the cotton swab will be slightly cleaned.

5. For the fashion trend, pay attention to the earlobe when you are piercing the ear.

The current non-mainstream generation, whether it is boys or girls, some even full of ears are pierced ears, full of all kinds of ornaments. Although it is very fashionable, you must know that this damage to the ear is very serious. Hearing advice, the ear can be hit on the earlobe, simple and beautiful, elegant and generous.

6. Work reasons: For example: call center customer service staff, try to carry out ear massage as often as possible.

Many of us, due to work reasons, need to use headphones frequently, such as call center customer service staff, need 8 hours to answer the phone every day, listen to the recording. If you are also a customer, if you find that your ears are particularly tired, you should pay more attention and often go to work to massage yourself; if the ear has problems, it is recommended to change jobs.

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