How to maintain children’s hearing aids

The child is lively and active, even if the child with hearing loss is no exception, once the child starts wearing the hearing aid to contact people and things outside, he/Her nature will be released more, and parents often ask us how to take care of these playing children and their baby-hearing aids. Here are some ways to help your child’s hearing aids.


First, develop a good attitude towards children’s hearing aids.

For some young children(Except baby)We need to let them know the importance of hearing aids to them in a timely manner and cultivate their respect for hearing aids, which will form a very good ideology for the future use of children.

From the attitude of parents treating hearing aids, children can intuitively feel the importance of this little thing. The expression of the parents also conveys a lot of information. So we also want to tell our parents that when we are using children who are using hearing aids. Please be patient and correct your attitude. Even if you encounter a hearing aid failure, don’t be dissatisfied or blamed in front of your child. What we need to do is to help children understand and establish a concept that the hearing aid is a trustworthy friend. . And this is also very important for the child’s future confidence.

In addition to the parents to convey such information, the language teacher should pay special attention to teach children how to treat hearing aids. We need children to use hearing aids as a small partner in life, a good friend, rather than a blunt machine.

The protection of the child from the heart is the most effective protection, which not only reduces the chance of maintenance, but also cultivates the child’s normal attitude towards things. After cultivating the child’s mentality of being responsible for their hearing aids, let’s take a look at the main points of other maintenance.

Do not switch on and off frequently

Unless it is necessary to replace the battery or stop using it, we recommend that children and parents do not switch the hearing aid frequently. Observe the use of the battery, each child’s wearing time is different, parents need to carefully observe, familiar with the battery life, low-power work will have some impact on the hearing aid, the stability of the imported battery is higher than the domestic battery.

If the child’s hearing aid casing is contaminated with some dirt, we can wipe it with a soft cloth, do not rub it, and avoid moisture or mist during the cleaning process. The outer casing of the hearing aid is made of hard plastic. Children should pay special attention to avoid rubbing when wearing it. If it is a back-mounted hearing aid, a protective cover can be attached to the outer casing of the machine to protect it.

Here are some other aspects of hearing aid maintenance. Every care that takes care of your child will make your baby work better and longer.

1Soft operation hearing aid(Such as switching procedures, replacing batteries, etc.);

2When the hearing aid is not worn, the hearing aid should be turned off.;If the child will not use the hearing aid for a long period of time, remove the battery;

3Clean the battery compartment cover regularly, carefully clean the battery compartment with a cotton swab, taking care not to bend the contact;

4Clean your child’s hearing aid with a small brush or a soft cloth. Note that these cleaning tools cannot be inserted into the hearing aid sound output.;

5The filters should be replaced frequently to ensure they are not blocked by dirt.;Children should not wear hearing aids immediately after showering, swimming, or raining. They need to be dry before use around the hair and ears. Regularly ask a professional or personally clean the ear canal for children. Blocking earwax in the ear canal will hinder or prevent The sound from the hearing aid was smoothly transmitted to the middle ear.

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