How to maintain children’s hearing aidsChild care device maintenance method

I believe that most children’s hearing aid purchases and post-maintenance are done by parents, so today’s hearing-ready fitter introduces the parents to the parents.Child hearing aidHow to maintain:


1.Hearing aid cleaning: Custom hearing aids are cleaned at least twice a week; for oil ears, it is recommended to clean them once a day. Wipe the hearing aid with a cotton ball or soft tissue (cloth), and then use the matching soft brush to remove the earwax or other blockages from the sound hole or the baffle. If there is too much earwax or oily sputum, please use the sputum baffle with protective net, or ask the hearing aid fitting assistant for help. Hearing aid housing available75%Disinfect the cotton ball of alcohol and do not scrub the hearing aid with water or other solvents that may cause danger. For suppurative otitis media, during the pus, do not wear hearing aids as much as possible to avoid aggravating inflammation and damaging the hearing aid. Because the secretions tend to cause the hearing aid to get wet, it is also corrosive and can easily damage the hearing aid receiver. In addition, under the condition of hearing permission, a vent hole can be made in the custom case to help ventilate and reduce the ear canal humidity.

2.Hearing aids are moisture-proof and waterproof:

Hearing aids are electronic products, so when bathing or shampooing, the hearing aid should be removed and placed in a safe and dry area. After washing, the ear canal can be cleaned with a paper towel or a cotton swab before wearing a hearing aid. In summer, due to excessive air and excessive sweat, electronic dryers should be used for dehumidification of hearing aids.

3.Other protections for hearing aids:

Replace old batteries that are no longer usable in time, and do not use inferior batteries. Do not attempt to charge the zinc empty battery. If you do not use the hearing aid for a long period of time, be sure to remove the battery to prevent the battery from leaking and corroding the movement. Do not wear a hearing aid when spraying hair spray to avoid clogging the sound hole.

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