How to make better use of hearing aids [Exclusive cheats]

The role of hearing aids is not only directly related to the quality of their own performance and the level of fitting, but also has a great relationship with the proper use of hearing aids. Therefore, the following points should be noted during the use of the hearing aid:

1Check the boot

1 Check if the battery is fully charged?

There are two common inspection methods. One is to put the battery on the simple measuring device. If the battery is sufficient, the red light will be very bright, otherwise it will be gray or not bright. The other is the instrument with voltage measurement, which can display the actual battery. Voltage. Modern advanced digital hearing aids often have a low voltage reminder function. If the voltage is low, an automatic alarm will occur, prompting the replacement of a new battery.

2 Is the sound from the hearing aid normal?

Sometimes, although the battery voltage is normal, the amplification and output of the hearing aid may change due to the working condition of the ribbed device itself and the patency of the ear mold guiding hole. In the winter in the north, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, and water droplets are prone to occur in the ear hooks of the hearing aids and the sound tubes of the ear molds, resulting in silent or abnormal sounds of the hearing aids. In addition, there are many ear canal sputum, which is also easy to block the sound hole of the ear mold and affect the sound conduction.


3 Is there a howling after wearing the hearing aid?

The main reason for howling is that the ear mold is not in place. At this time, it can be worn again according to the steps. The second reason for howling is that as the child grows older, the auricle becomes larger and the ear mold becomes smaller. The method is not suitable. The solution is to re-make the ear mold; the third reason for howling is that the ear hook of the hearing aid or the ear hook of the ear mold is cracked, or the ear mold hose is not well connected with the ear hook, and the ear hook needs to be replaced. Or a hose; there is also a case where the wall of the ear mold hose is too thin, and the thick-walled hose can be replaced.

4. If it is a child, do you need to check if the sensitivity to the sound has changed?

Colds, fever, etc. can cause a one-time hearing loss in children. Therefore, after wearing the hearing aid every morning, check the child’s listening condition, for example, let him listen to the sound of the toy and the words he has learned before, compared with the listening level of the previous day. The easiest way is to let him listen and repeata,I,u,m,s,shSix sounds, if they can be accurately repeated, are basically normal. If there is an abnormality, find the cause and, if necessary, work with the professional fitting staff.

2The auditory environment should be as quiet as possible

Studies have shown that hearing loss patients not only have decreased hearing sensitivity (increased hearing threshold), but more importantly, reduced auditory discriminating ability, especially in noisy environments, so communicate and learn as much as possible in a high signal-to-noise ratio environment. The signal-to-noise ratio required by normal people to listen to the language is not lower than –5Decibel, but there is a hearing loss that needs to be greater than10decibel. In addition, you also need to reduce the interference of your own voice, too much echo will seriously affect the listener’s speech clarity. Although digital hearing aids can partially solve the problem of noise, they will never be able to process and compress noise in real time like the human ear. In the future, the impact of noise on hearing will not be completely solved.

3Pay attention to the best use distance of hearing aids

Frequent hearing loss patients complain that after wearing a hearing aid, they still can’t communicate as normal people, and they are far away from each other, and they are not sure. This is because, due to many factors, when using a microphone to collect sound, the optimal distance of the hearing aid is1.5Within meters, if it is a binaural option, this distance can be enlarged to3Meter. Beyond this distance, the hearing aid will be compromised. With this in mind, if you choose a hearing aid with one ear, try to let the other person communicate with you on the side of your hearing aid.

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