How to judge whether your hearing is declining – hearing is good

Nowadays, young and middle-aged people are becoming the main force of violent (ie, sudden deafness) due to the pressure of life and bad habits. How do you know that you have hearing impairment? If you have the following conditions, it is very likely that your hearing has decreased. You should go to the hospital for a hearing test in time.

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1, you feel a voice in your head, such as a buzzing or ringing (tinnitus).

2, you can hear the sound, but you can’t hear it.

3, you find that you don’t understand the subject of the conversation, and often answer questions.

4, it is difficult to listen to sound in a noisy environment.

5, you have to thank people for repeating some content.

6 can only be understood clearly when facing the speaker.

7, you need to adjust the TV volume to a position larger than others.

8, attending meetings, going to public places or family gatherings find it difficult.

9, you think others are talking like muttering or ambiguous.

10, you cannot hear the phone or doorbell unless you are close.

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