How to judge whether the hearing aid is distorted

First of all, listening to your own voice feels unnatural, changes your tone, and listens to other people’s voices is not clear, easy to get wrong. To judge whether it is distorted, you can do a speech resolution test, and you can see that there is no distortion when you get the test results. It is recommended to find a full-time staff to test for you in the fitting shop. The higher the general machine grade, the closer the sound quality is to nature, the smaller the distortion, the more the subwoofer is distorted.


How to judge whether the hearing aid is distorted? The distortion of the hearing aid is the difference between the sound processed by the hearing aid and the natural sound. The national standard does not exceed10%Most of the current hearing aids do not exceed3%However, there is currently no hearing aid that can be completely undistorted. It can only be said to minimize distortion. When purchasing a hearing aid, you can try several more and choose your favorite voice.

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