How to judge whether the hearing aid is distorted

The hearing aid itself belongs to the electronic device. The sound is electronic sound after being processed, so there is a certain amount of distortion. If the hearing aid is worn for a long time, the sound is obviously different from the previous one, then the hearing aid may be because of the damp. Or some other reasons lead to problems with the sound, it is recommended to get the fitting center to maintain and test regularly, let the fitter judge, or return to the factory for repair.


Hearing aids are electronic products that have a certain degree of distortion, but hearing aids have strict distortion regulations. If you want to know if your hearing aid is distorted, you can send it to the factory to check if it meets the original distortion regulations. The distortion of the hearing aid is the difference between the sound processed by the hearing aid and the natural sound. The national standard does not exceed10%Most of the current hearing aids do not exceed3%, but there is currently no hearing aid that can be completely undistorted, only to minimize distortion.

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