After the hearing aids for the children, many parents have such a question: Is this hearing aid really suitable for my child? The child lacks expressive ability and whether he really wears it comfortably. In a professional fitting agency, the fitter will use professional equipment to determine if the hearing aid is in compliance with the child’s condition. For parents, the hearing aid can be judged by the child’s reaction after wearing the hearing aid.

Suitable reaction:

Immediately after wearing the hearing aid, stop the original activity and feel the novelty. Appears to look for sound sources or actions, respond to some sounds, such as phone calls, phone ring tones, become like to talk, can feel the child’s understanding ability is enhanced

Inappropriate response:

When the child refuses to wear (it should be different from fear and shame), when he turns on the hearing aid switch, he is shocked, constantly bitter, and his head rotates involuntarily. If the child has many bad reactions, he should temporarily stop wearing the hearing aid, and please Professional fitters make adjustments.

The debugging of children’s hearing aids is absolutely impossible to complete at one time. Parents are often required to bring their children to debug, at least once a month.5When you are around the age, you should also do a pure tone audiometry to get a real audiogram.

Link:How to judge the child's hearing aid is inappropriate

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