Child hearing aidSelection method

1. Preliminary preparation

After the hearing aids are initially selected according to the deafness of the deaf children, the success of the adaptive training is an important part of determining the length of the hearing aid selection cycle. The training content must be completed in close cooperation with the parents or doctors and teachers.

1 The volume of the hearing aid is from small to large (ie the volume shape is averaged by the deafnessOctober 1Gain, gradually increased toOctober 1Gain, this process can be2Completed within the week).

2 The time to wear a hearing aid every day is gradually shortened to long.

3 The training environment is from quiet and deliberate to a noisy natural environment.


Training content:

1 To make full use of the listening training teaching tape, make the children familiar with the test sounds as soon as possible, such as pure tone and arpeggio at different frequencies.

2 will distinguish the presence or absence of sound, and make an action response. During the adaptive training of hearing aids, parents should carefully observe the reaction of the hearing aids worn by the deaf children, especially the discomfort. Generally speaking, after12After months of rigorous training, the above training content can be completed to evaluate the effect of the hearing aid.

Audio compensation method

A. Hearing aid threshold sound field measurement:

1 test tone can be selected with arpeggio, narrowband noise.

2 Test requirements: Establish a sound field in strict accordance with the standard in the soundproof room.

3 audiometry instruments, various audiometers.

4 Test method: The operation method of the audiometer is basically the same as the hearing test of the naked ear. When evaluating the effect of the hearing aid, the hearing aid of the non-test ear should be closed.

5 Optional criteria: If the sound field is measured by the sound pressure level, the measured hearing threshold is compared with the average long-term conversational sound spectrum of the normal person (Average speech spectrum,SSLine, also known as Ende’s method, determines whether the hearing aid threshold is within the normal human auditory speech area. GenerallySSon-line20dBFor the best hearing aid effect, reachSSThe line is suitable for hearing aids. If the sound field is at the hearing level (HlThe level of the measured hearing threshold is compared with the normal human language banana map, and the listening threshold is the best in the language banana map. If the hearing threshold does not reach the expected target after wearing the hearing aid, the volume and pitch can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the hearing threshold curve, and can also be used for the deaf children.PC(shaving peak) orAGC(Automatic gain control) debugging. Make the deaf children’s deafness get better hearing compensation.

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