Hearing impaired children due to physical defects, in daily life will inevitably be some inconvenience. How can parents help hearing impaired children in their lives?

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Although children’s hearing is not good, they can let their children experience more, which helps them grow up and become independent. Children need the protection of their parents, but don’t overdo it. To cultivate children’s ability of independence, so that children can better integrate into this society. Due to the defects in listening, the development of learning ability, conversational ability and social ability may be affected, but it does not mean that they cannot live a normal life. Parents have to think about their children’s abilities and what stage of development they are in. If your expectations are too high, your child will be frustrated by the difficulty in achieving them. However, if you set too low a goal and don’t make reasonable demands, your child may not be motivated. Children should not excuse their hearing loss and not share daily housework (such as cleaning, cleaning dishes, etc.). Let them participate more, show your concern, and help them improve their self-image and enthusiasm. Some parents try to cover up their children’s hearing loss by using the smallest possible hearing aid and changing their children’s hair style. This is often because parents are embarrassed when their children wear hearing aids. Many young children like to wear colorful hearing aids. If they want to show their hearing aids, are willing to wear them with short hair, or are willing to wear ear back hearing aids, they should be allowed to accept the fact of wearing hearing aids with them. Most people don’t know much about hearing loss and hearing aids, but if you talk about it, you will find that most people, whether they are family members, school teachers or friends, are interested in it. You can tell them about hearing loss, its impact on life, and help them understand why your children sometimes react abnormally, and why some listening conditions make your children feel particularly difficult. As children grow up and move to a new school, you should encourage them to explain hearing loss and hearing aid problems to new teachers and students, and tell them simple conversation skills that can be applied, such as not shouting, and not covering their mouth when speaking, which will make children easier to adapt to the new environment.

Although there are some problems in children’s hearing, parents still need to let children learn to be independent, so as to better integrate into society. No one is perfect, everyone has flaws. Give children enough confidence, let them learn to face life optimistically.

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