How to give children a better hearing through prenatal education

(1Mothers can use the “fetal phone” to communicate with the baby in the abdomen. The hearing of the fetus can be developed by speaking or singing directly to the fetus through a microphone. At the same time, in this way, it can be found whether the fetus has symptoms such as congenital deafness in the mother.


(2Mothers can develop fetal hearing through prenatal education. The time to develop hearing is generally in the development of the fetus.24It started only after the week. At this time, the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear of the fetus have basically matured. When developing listening through music prenatal education, do not play music close to the abdomen at a large volume, and keep a certain distance to avoid fetal hearing loss.

(3If the nearby Maternal and Child Health Hospital has a “Music Oxygen Bar” for mothers to use, the mother can go to the “Music Oxygen Bar” for hearing development, and enjoy the beautiful and prenatal music while breathing to help the fetal brain. Oxygen, this can effectively reduce the “fetal distress” caused by the “mother oligohydramnios, pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome” caused by expectant mothers.

(4In order to better develop the hearing of the fetus, during pregnancy, expectant mothers must choose a relatively quiet environment for prenatal education to promote the development of hearing.

(5During pregnancy, expectant mothers and prospective fathers can give the fetus a nickname, and often call while touching the fetus, which is conducive to the development of fetal hearing.


During pregnancy, some diseases of expectant mothers can seriously affect the development of fetal hearing. Therefore, expectant mothers must understand the cause of the disease and prevent it:

Rubella: If the mother is infected with the rubella virus, it can be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, and congenital rubella appears. Once the virus invades the cochlea of ​​the fetus, it can cause congenital deafness.

Sexually transmitted diseases: If the expectant mother has had a sexually transmitted disease, it will be passed on to the fetus. Whether it is fetal transmission or self-staining syphilis, it may cause deafness, and some may be afflicted in the body for decades.

Influenza: Influenza caused by an infected virus, which is very harmful to the mother’s systemic vascular system and nervous system, causes hypoxia and microcirculatory disorders in the fetus, which may affect the development of the auditory organs.

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