Hearing aids that people with hearing impairments love and hate

The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics is among the vulnerable people concerned, China1.5100 million people suffer from hearing impairment, and every year in China310,000 children are caught in the silent world due to improper medication, the number of elderly patients2000Million. Affected by many factors such as the aging of today’s society, the data is still rising.


Hearing-impaired groups have different physical conditions than healthy people. They may have the result of improper use of drugs during their young years, and deafness caused by congenital conditions. These reasons make them unable to perform well between people. Communication and communication. Ordinary people live in a world that has never experienced such a situation or experience. However, in personal family life and collective work and study, they will be more or less exposed to and even become a member of the hearing-impaired group. If the collective society does not pay enough attention to this group, then they will be subject to some physiological conditions and artificial Some of the damage caused is difficult to integrate into society.

Weak people with hearing impairments have mastered many independent life skills through the understanding of social resources to maintain the training of daily life skills and the judgment of the surrounding environment. Such as: using sign language to communicate with people, using mobile social software to communicate with people, working independently with their own skills.

However, most people with hearing impairment are totally dependent on healthy people. They can’t effectively carry out social social activities. Especially those with congenital hearing can’t communicate with people to express their needs. They need to use others or things to express their thoughts.

With the development of science and technology, China’s hearing aid cochlear implant industry has also achieved rapid development. The vulnerable groups of hearing impairment have always been the main force in the purchase of hearing-related products, such as cochlear implants, dry boxes, hearing aids, hearing aid drying boxes and batteries. However, such products rarely take into account the physiological and psychological needs of patients, resulting in a complex mentality of the hearing impaired people to have a resistance and dependence. Therefore, since they are vulnerable groups, we should do everything we can to help them, and more from their perspective to carry out more humane design products, rather than profitability as the ultimate goal.

In the special population, the proportion of vulnerable groups with hearing impairment is increasing. How to help such people, even all special groups, improve their quality of life and improve their living conditions, and treat them with no different eyes. The problem is also the performance of national civilization.

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