With the aid of hearing aids, listening problems caused by physiological phenomena are sometimes more troublesome than those caused by hardware failures. After all, the hearing aid failure can be repaired, but the physiological phenomenon is not so easy to solve, such as the ear blocking effect. Some users wear a hearing aid and listen to people’s speech. They always feel that the sound is empty. They speak too loudly. They are prone to a kind of blockage and boring feeling. This kind of ear plugging phenomenon is mostly because the hearing aid is not selected.

The most effective way to avoid the formation of the ear plug effect is to choose an open hearing aid.RICHearing aids have the advantage of an open option.RICThe biggest advantage of the hearing aid is that the receiver is externally independent and equipped with a variety of open earplugs of different sizes to meet the needs of various ear canal sizes. Compared with the ear canal custom machine,RICThe hearing aid microphone and the receiver are separated farther apart, which can effectively eliminate the acoustic feedback; the receiver is closer to the tympanic membrane, and the sound is more natural and realistic. Compared with traditional behind-the-ear hearing aids,RICHearing aids are a good choice for users who care about aesthetics and invisibility.RICThe hearing aid is only one-half the size of a traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid. It is difficult to find if it is covered by hair after wearing it. It is more concealed, compact and beautiful.

If you have already selected other models but have no intention of replacing the hearing aids, it will be a bit of a hassle to solve the problem of blocking the ears. Software debugging or hardware adjustments to the hearing aid, such as reducing low frequency gain or maximum output, increasing the diameter of the vent, and extending the ear canal portion of the hearing aid, can also alleviate the blocking effect. Although the ear plugging effect can generally be alleviated by adaptation or debugging for a period of time, for sensitive users who have never been able to adapt, the most effective method at present is to choose an open hearing aid.

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