How to distinguish the quality of hearing aids [use tips]

Nowadays, the price of hearing aids on the market is quite different. Which indicators can be used to judge the pros and cons of hearing aids, and how to personally choose hearing aids. Is the price more expensive?

At present, the price range of digital hearing aids is very large, and the price of a hearing aid ranges from three to four thousand to three or four thousand. So what is the difference between them? Hearing tells us that the most important structure in digital hearing aids is digital chips. If the processing speed of digital chips is faster, it will collect more speech signals, and the better the recovery of speech envelopes, the sound it sounds. The more natural, the sharper the resolution will be, and the ability to reduce noise will be stronger. It can also automatically switch to the corresponding program automatically as the environment changes, to adapt to the hearing impaired, no need to manually switch programs. Then, the price of such hearing aids will be relatively expensive.

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There are three indicators for judging the pros and cons of hearing aids: First, the total harmonic distortion is less than 5%. The smaller the value, the better the distortion of the amplified sound. The second is that the equivalent input noise should be less than 28 decibel. The smaller the value is. The better, the noise floor is small, there is no noise; the third is the automation performance (noise reduction, program switching, gain control, etc.), the ability to adapt to the surrounding environment.

It is not necessary to use a hearing aid that is not expensive. It is necessary to choose a hearing aid according to your own hearing loss, living habits, and other factors such as the surrounding acoustic environment. You should consult a qualified professional hearing aid at a professional fitting center. With the teacher.

What problems should be paid attention to during the fitting and use of hearing aids? How can the hearing aids and glasses be used by users to get used to and accepted? What are the skills and special methods in use?

Hearing aid fitting services contain many things, and we must have a scientific understanding and pay attention to it at every step. Otherwise, the hearing aid is bought back but not used effectively.

Hearing has a test of the fitter: you can change the unsuitable situation by doing the following steps:

First, to eliminate the problems caused by improper selection of hearing aids, find a professional and qualified fitter to provide technical services;

Second, you must learn how to use the hearing aid. Improper use can cause uncomfortable hearing experience.

Third, always wear hearing aids during the 1-3 months of adaptation;

Fourth, maintaining a reasonable expectation for the hearing aid effect, the speech recognition rate of sensorineural deafness is difficult to reach the level of normal hearing;

Fifth, regular maintenance of hearing aids, feedback at any time;

Sixth, complete the regular follow-up visit with the fitter.

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