How to distinguish hearing aids

Hearing aids are not good or bad, as long as the hearing aid can solve the user’s needs for the user, it must be a suitable hearing aid. The price of hearing aids on the market is high or low, but whether it is high or low, the user does not play the role of wearing the hearing aid, that is, the user’s needs are not met. Even if the price is high, can you say that this hearing aid is suitable? So choosing the right hearing aid is a matter of learning.


The “good” and “poor” hearing aids are generally felt and subjectively evaluated by the hearing loss person. There are usually four aspects to judge:1Recover enough hearing sensitivity to allow hearing loss to hear the language and ambient sounds that are not heard when the hearing aid is not worn (the extent of the hearing);

(2Recover, maintain allegorical comprehension and discernment, so that the language and the special sound in the daily environment can be clear enough (the degree of hearing); for example: the tympanic hearing aid is clearer than the deep ear canal hearing aid.

(3Understand the degree of speech in a noisy environment;

(4) encountering a high or sudden sound, can listen to the comfort, not too uncomfortable because of too much sound.

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