How to determine if your hearing is declining

Nowadays, there are more and more hearing loss people, but many people are already at a relatively heavy level when they are aware of it. How to find hearing loss as early as possible, what is the performance of early hearing loss? Through some of the following performances, Make certain judgments.


1. I often feel that others are muttering and unclear.

2. Always ask others to repeat.

3. I feel that it is difficult to hear children and women.

4. I often hear people talking, but I can’t hear what others are saying.

5· Always unconsciously put a lot of TV or phone sounds.

6· The sound of birds is often not heard in the suburbs.

7· Often hear no one from behind.

8· I often can’t hear the doorbell or the phone ringing.

When the above symptoms occur, it is recommended to do a hearing test to confirm the presence of hearing loss and early intervention.

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