Wear must be worn when hearing lossHearing aidWhat?

Many people have the question: Is it necessary to wear a hearing aid after hearing loss, is it only through hearing aids to improve hearing? In fact, this is not the case. Some people with hearing loss can improve their hearing in other ways without using a hearing aid. Because of this, the hearing test before the purchase of hearing aids is more important, so you must undergo a professional hearing test before choosing a hearing aid to determine if it is necessary to wearHearing aid.


Some people with deafness have a hearing loss that is reversible, and some treatments can be used to improve or restore hearing. For example, hearing loss caused by obstruction of the eustachian tube caused by a cold can completely restore hearing. As long as the cold is cured and the eustachian tube function is normal, the hearing can be restored. Another example is the embolism, as long as the ear is removed, the hearing can be restored. In addition, if the person with dry perforation of the tympanic membrane has the conditions for surgical treatment, the tympanic membrane can be repaired by surgery to achieve the purpose of restoring hearing. Such people do not need to wear it.Hearing aid. Some deaf patients should pay attention not to the deafness itself, but to the hearing-affected diseases that are urgently needed, such as cholesteatoma, otitis media, and acoustic neuroma. This part of the patient should first cure these hearing-impairing diseases. If it is determined that the hearing is irreversible, then choose a hearing aid to improve hearing.

The hearing aid is aimed at people who are irreversible in hearing, that is, patients whose hearing cannot recover by themselves or cannot be recovered by means of treatment are suitable for wearing.Hearing aid.

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