Behind hearing aidHow do users choose ear molds?

The society tends to be more and more aging people (age senile), with the improvement of people’s living standards and the development of science and technology, hearing aids are more and more accepted by everyone. Then the user of the ear-back hearing aid is no stranger to the ear mold. The ear mold is divided into a hard ear mold and a soft ear mold, which not only functions as a fixed hearing aid but also blocks the external auditory canal to prevent howling (a serious hearing loss). ThenBehind hearing aidHow do users choose the ear mold that suits them?


How do the user of the behind-the-ear hearing aid choose the ear mold?

Hard ear molds have good breathability, are relatively comfortable to wear, and are durable and can not be aged for a long time. However, the fit to the skin is not strong, and the sealing property is not high enough. If the hearing loss is heavy, the possibility of whistling is high. In addition, children are generally more playful and easy to bump, and the cartilage of the auricle is not fully developed and easily injured.

Behind hearing aidHow do users choose ear molds?

The soft ear mold is very soft and has good skin fit and strong sealing. It can effectively prevent howling and is used for patients and children with severe hearing loss. However, when the soft ear mold is used, the force angle is not correct, which may cause the sound tube to fall off or even the ear mold to crack. The cracking and leaking sound needs to be re-customized.

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