How to choose a hearing aid with high frequency loss?

There is also a loss of hearing and performance may vary. Some people have a flatter audiogram. Some people will show that the low frequency loss is lighter and the high frequency loss is more serious. What kind of hearing aid is better for users with such hearing loss?

The range of frequencies that the human ear can feel is20Hz~20000HzAnd most Chinese speech frequencies are mainly500~4000Hzbetween.

How to choose a hearing aid with high frequency loss

High-frequency loss can affect the understanding of speech intelligibility, such as gatherings, shopping malls and other complex environments will obviously feel unclear.

In addition, the sharp, very small high-frequency sounds like ringing, bird screaming, and children’s voices in daily life are also insensitive or inaudible. What kind of hearing aids are suitable for users with high frequency loss?

Users with high frequency loss are choosing hearing aids. Firstly, they need to meet their own hearing compensation, that is, hearing aids with power requirements. Secondly, in order to obtain natural and clear sound, the selected hearing aids have excellent sound quality, including signal processing, noise reduction, Feedback suppression, etc.

If the low-frequency hearing loss is light and the high-frequency loss is serious, then when the hearing compensation is performed, it is divided into several segments, and the segment is gradually compensated to the normal value. Therefore, multi-channel digital hearing aids should be preferred. The steeper the steepness, the higher the channel requirements.

For this kind of hearing situation, we recommend the Oscar leader series hearing aids.

Leading series hearing aids are based onIAPlatform technology, through mobile phones APPCan perform multiple functions and regulation, up to32aisleDDRCThe compression is adjustable, equipped with a powerful intelligent multi-modal feedback processing system, intelligent separation of speech and noise functions, significantly improving the speech understanding ability of hearing-impaired patients.

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