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Advances in technology have led to the increasing use of hearing aids by deaf people. There are more and more sales outlets for hearing aids. Which ones will be entangled in? For the small cities where the economy is underdeveloped, the focus of choice is often on which one to choose cheaper. Some people even run five or six stores a day to compare, and finally choose the lowest one, which is a misunderstanding!


选择Hearing aidThe most important thing is the hearing aid effect; the hearing aid is different from the general product, its service life is5-8Years, after-sales maintenance work is very important, where to choose hearing aid means the future5-8Years or even longer, you have to deal with this hearing aid store and fitter, so this store’s word of mouth, credit, traffic, whether to detect hearing, whether it is based on hearing, whether it can be audition, after-sales maintenance, can On-site service, professionalism of the audiologist, debugging technology, service attitude, patience, etc. are all factors to consider! Of course, the price is also a factor to be considered, depending on the same brand and the same retail price.Hearing aidDiscounts are more favorable, because all regular manufacturers of hearing aids have a national uniform retail price, the general chain stores are unified retail prices to discount, will not report prices, if this happens, consumers can pass the legitimate channels Carry out consumer rights protection!

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