How to choose a hearing aidHow to choose a hearing aid

First of all, to the fitting center hearing test, and then the speech resolution test, according to the nature of hearing and the degree of hearing loss, the hearing aid power can be audited on the spot. Choosing the right hearing aid requires understanding the wearer’s medical history and needs, then doing related examinations (ear canal, hearing, speech recognition), listening to different brands of hearing aids, choosing the right brand and appearance according to personal experience, and thus choosing hearing aids. The model, commissioning again experience to inform the use of the guide.


Hearing aids have many brands, different appearances, and different price points. How should we choose the best hearing aid for ourselves??What issues do we need to pay attention to and consider when choosing?

First, get accurate audiograms

The degree of hearing loss varies from low-, medium-, and high-pitched to each hearing-impaired patient. Choosing the right hearing aid is an indispensable first step. Especially for children with hearing loss, because the age is small, the examination needs to be more perfect, so parents should look for a well-equipped hearing center for inspection.

Second, to match the individual’s unique hearing aid needs

Everyone has different listening experiences of sound, and the environment for learning, living and working is different. When choosing a hearing aid, you should fully consider your individual hearing aid needs, including the needs of life scenes and the needs of sound quality.

For those who love to play mobile phones and love to watch TV, hearing aids also have matching wireless accessories that can transmit the sound of TV, computer, mobile phone or other audio equipment to the hearing aid separately, avoiding sound attenuation and loss without affecting others. Listen to the sound.

Third, choose the latest technology

Different grades of hearing aids are not particularly different in appearance, but the sound processing technology inside is very different. The advanced sound processing system can automatically adjust the volume, select programs, and handle noise, so that users can work in various environments. It can be heard comfortably, even a huge sound will not pierce or hurt the rest of the hearing.

Fourth, determine the ear or binaural wear hearing aid

If you only have hearing loss in one ear, you can wear a hearing aid in one ear. If both ears have hearing loss, wear it in both ears, because binaural listening can help to distinguish the direction, listen more clearly in the noisy environment, receive from The sounds produced by all aspects and the stereo listening effect can help children learn the language, and the listener can adapt to the use of hearing aids.

There is a case where the unilateral side is particularly serious or even no hearing, you can also chooseCROSThe solution can pass the sound that cannot be heard to the opposite side.

Fifth, improve aesthetics and reduce visibility

Users who require aesthetics can choose a miniature or near-color (skin) hearing aid, and children can choose their favorite bright colors for easy searching. The latest all-digital or digital programming listening system is also available, eliminating the need for a variety of button knobs on older hearing aids to minimize the visibility of hearing aids.

Six, be mentally prepared

Hearing loss is generally formed slowly. Patients with hearing loss have become accustomed to a quiet world. When they are wearing a hearing aid, they will not be accustomed to hearing many long-lost voices. It should be psychologically prepared for several weeks to adapt. It is important to know that choosing a suitable hearing aid is just the beginning of hearing rehabilitation.

Seven, after-sales service and protection

Hearing aids are different from general electronic products,The frequency of use is very high, and most users may use more time per day after fully adapting to hearing aids.12Hours, and as the wearer’s hearing changes, hearing aids often require assessment, debugging, and hearing review,Regular professional dehumidification and ear canal cleaning are also key to the effectiveness of hearing aids.Therefore, it is also important to choose a professional and stable hearing center.

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