How much is the hearing aid?Hearing aids more money

There are one or two hundred, two or three hundred in the market, the sound is like a magnifier, the comfort degree is poor, especially the ear-ear type earplug is too big, the plug is tight, the ear hurts, it is easy to fall, it is not recommended to buy; More than 500 lines with a line can adjust the volume and size, manual adjustment of eight hundred and nine hundred, these two models are recommended to listen before use, whispered to hear loud and noisy, not difficult to accept can buy, pay attention to the use of home at home, because outside The noise reduction function is poor; the computer programming debugging is generally more than one thousand, two or three thousand, four five thousand, seven thousand eight thousand, the top is tens of thousands, there is a free listening and listening experience in the hearing aid store, some people say : Of course, one point is worth the price, and the price is high, of course, butHearing aidThe choice is exquisite: the right is the best, the function is practical and affordable, the user can afford the listening experience, the tester is also good after the sale, the best of both worlds.


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