How to choose a cost-effectiveHearing aid[Hearing aid cost details]

Hearing aidPrice is one of the main considerations when buying a hearing aid. Usually, the patient’s request for a hearing aid is first effective, and secondly the price is acceptable. For most patients, it is best to be inexpensive, that is, cost-effective.

So how do you choose?Hearing aidWhat?

First, the more powerful the function, the higher the price. First, measure the environment in which your family is usually used.Hearing aid:

1. For example, some hearing patients do not like to go out at ordinary times. They usually communicate with people in some environments where the home or residential community is less noisy, or the working environment itself is relatively quiet. So, just choose a popular hearing aid, the price is basically several hundred. Yuan to about 3,000 yuan. Because there is no contact with noise, there is no need to choose a hearing aid with noise reduction function, otherwise it is a functional waste.


2. Some hearing patients have more hobbies, like outdoor activities such as going out to play or more noise in the work environment. You can use hearing aids with automatic recognition of noise and noise reduction function to focus and improve speech function in noisy environment, which is beneficial to these users. Noise reduction in the environment is conducive to the recognition of speech. Under normal circumstancesHearing aidThe price ranges from 5,000 yuan to 9000 yuan.

3. Some patients, especially some business people, have a variety of communication environments, such as offices, roads, cars, conference rooms, airports, factories, etc., and the quality of communication in this changing environment. The requirements are very high, so they must use hearing aids with automatic recognition of multiple environments and strong noise reduction, so that they can cope with the changing environment. The price of such hearing aids is relatively high, and the price is tens of thousands, even 20,000 or 30,000. The most high-end of this classHearing aidFrequency amplification range from8Kilohertz to1.2Wanhez, completely beyond our speech frequency range, so the sound quality is more full and clear, and with Bluetooth technology, it is convenient to connect with mobile phones and other devices, making business more convenient.

Second, the smaller the appearance, the higher the price

The hearing aids in the same series have the appearance of a behind-the-ear, ear canal and deep ear canal. The smaller the size, the more the price will cost. If you are old and the hands and feet are inconvenient, then it is recommended to choose a back-type hearing aid because it is convenient to wear and the price is also affordable. Of course, if the patient is concerned about the appearance, he does not want others to see it. He broughtHearing aid, then you can choose a deep ear canal hearing aid, but the price is slightly higher than the ear back machine.

In fact, many patients bought a hearing aid with a high cost performance. They felt very affordable when they bought it. They didn’t get the corresponding hearing aids when they took them home. They couldn’t even wear them. Some people are very upset and regret it too late.

In fact, everyone has neglected the most important and most easily overlooked factors: hearing aid prices also include professional fitters accurately and thoroughly grasp the user’s hearing loss characteristics, matching the most suitable hearing aid technology to specific hearing loss ears. On, continuous, professional and scientific auditory rehabilitation and hearing aid debugging and service after the selection of hearing aids.

On this important issue, patients are weak because they cannot judge whether they are professional or not. Everyone is promoting “the most professional, best, and greatest”. How to judge and choose?

Remind patients to pay attention to this problem, compare the specific test items of each hearing center, and use professional standards to compare, such as whether the equipment is professional, whether the test items are more complete,Hearing aidWhether the effect evaluation and verification are done, I believe that as long as you value this issue, you will definitely get the right judgment.

Because, you buyHearing aidThe goal is to get results, not to save money. If you buy it, you can’t afford it cheaper. If you accidentally damage your ear’s residual hearing, you won’t be able to pay for it!

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