On 20 Years ago, many hearing aid fitting workers were puzzled. Why many people were afraid of noise when they first wore hearing aids. When children first started wearing, they felt emotional. When the old people started wearing, they felt “noisy.” There have been many people who have said that it is obvious that they can hear the sound. It may be because they are not adapted, so they are overwhelmingly asking everyone to adapt.

What is the result? The child should cry or cry, the old man does not want to wear or not.

A man at a noisy airport.

Airports can be noisy places with plenty
of background noise.

Later, with the development of fitting technology and the introduction of the international advanced audiology concept, we realized that many of the domestic fitting methods were wrong, and the hearing aids were adjusted too loudly.

Wuhu Jihe Road Hearing Aid: The hearing aid will be weakly blown up, and it is the king of the road!

The child is troubled by the elderly, why is the hearing aid so “noisy”?

All along, we all think that the hearing loss people will have more requirements for the sound. For example, in the early years, the hearing loss patients will ask the hearing aid sales staff “sound loud”, “these hearing aids, which sound is loud”, etc., so many Hearing aid sales staff believes that “sound is big” is the demand of the hearing loss. When the fitting is turned on, regardless of the age of seven or twenty-one, regardless of the elderly and children, regardless of the indications, they are all adjusted to the “standard” value.

In this way, the result of the adjustment is that the child is troubled by the old man, can not hear clearly, and feels loud and loud. Everyone thinks that the hearing aid is the same thing, wearing a very noisy, so noisy, maybe even “destroy” the ear. Ever since, everyone has had a lot of prejudice against hearing aids, and the more they wear, the more they wear, the more they wear, the more they can’t pick them up.

Wuhu Jihe Road Hearing Aid: The hearing aid will be weakly blown up, and it is the king of the road!

Where is the problem?

But we calm down and think carefully, where is the problem? Finally, we found that we still didn’t really understand the problem from the perspective of the user.

Everyone’s tolerance for sound is limited, from an aural point of view,0dBUp and down is usually the smallest sound that ordinary people can barely hear, and120dBUp and down is a very unbearable voice, so look,0To120dBThat is, most of the sounds we can hear everyday. But if the hearing is not good, the sound is not heard.0To120dBThis range, the complex point can be called “hearing dynamic range narrowed”, the simple point is to get a big sound.

So people with bad hearing will feel a noisy voice? In principle, it won’t. But why do many people with hearing impairment feel particularly annoying? This is because of the amplified sound.

In order for the hearing loss to hear the sound, the most common way in daily life is to increase the volume, such as licking the ear. However, this method is not realistic, so in order to solve this problem, we recommend that the hearing loss patient consult a hearing aid or choose a cochlear implant. But whether it is a hearing aid or a cochlear implant, it can’t be compared with the real human ear’s ability to handle sound, especially in the handling of environmental sounds, which is why many people wear hearing aids after listening to the loss. But without these devices, not only will people’s hearing level, speech level, and thinking level continue to decline, but they will eventually cause more serious consequences.

Only professional can find a solution

Some of the noisy sounds heard in hearing aids are called “rejuvenation (reverberation)” in audiology. For example, the voice is doubled, and the sound heard by the hearing is added. Double the effect, but for some hearing loss users wearing hearing aids, it may feel like5倍,10Times, then we not only have to ask, can we solve it?

With the advancement of the international audiology field, this problem has been solved in the hearing and hearing center. We know that the sound heard from the hearing aid is not as big as possible. The sensitive person is more sensitive to the sound than the hearing person. Some hearing people sound the sound of the environmental background, and the hearing loss will think It is a murmur. The principle is very simple, that is, there is a gap in the ability of the human ear to handle the sound. Generally speaking, the hearing loss ability of the hearing loss is relatively poor, so the environmental noise cannot be automatically “isolated”. At this time we have to work hard to adjust the machine. Tuning is a technical activity, but also a kung fu work, especially when the professional and experienced tuning machine adjusts the machine, it will consider many aspects, instead of blindly increasing the volume, and winning the user in a short time. From the scientific fitting, the increase in the loudness of the hearing aid and the cochlear implant should be from small to large, gradually adapting. Through scientific rehabilitation and several adjustments, our ears can adapt to complex environmental sounds, thus not I feel noisy, and my speech resolving ability will be greatly improved. This is a set of rigorous and scientific steps. If the fitter only seeks to hear it quickly, it will not have good results and will not be comfortable. Therefore, the scientific fitting of hearing aids is not only a matter of fitting, but also a set of concepts of rehabilitation and hearing management.

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