You may not be used to hearing the sound when we first wear hearing aids. Because the sound produced in the hearing aid is different from the sound we usually hear. The hearing aid is amplified through the speaker and microphone. The hearing aid must be an electronic product. To make the brain adapt again, the sound heard through the hearing aid generally takes weeks or even longer to adapt. You need to be patient and practice more.

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At the beginning of wearing, you may hear some strange sounds and noises. This is because you are used to the hearing loss. It takes time to adapt to a large number of normal sounds. In addition, you may hear some sounds you don’t want to hear, such as the voice of refrigerator, air conditioner and car. At first, you may feel noisy and uncomfortable when you hear these sounds. Some patients still think they hear noise. Many patients report that they wear hearing aids with noise, which is not good. In fact, it’s not the problem of hearing aids. We have never heard these small sounds before. Now we can hear these small sounds after wearing hearing aids. We can hear the sound that we can reach in our normal ears. You should also hear the sound when wearing hearing aids. Hearing aids are not only the sound of listening, but also the sound of nature outside. But we have to go through this process. The longer we wear hearing aids, the stronger our adaptability.

Generally speaking, the first time to wear hearing aids is one to two hours a day, to adapt to a quiet environment at home and listen to some familiar sounds. Every day, slowly increase the time of wearing hearing aids. Practice every day. After half a month or a month, go outside or adapt to noisy environment. After three months, you will generally adapt to different environments. Soon you will find that you can’t do without hearing aids. Hearing aids help us find the lost ears and improve our life Quality.

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