How do hearing aids adapt?

Hearing impaired patients should have an adaptation process after selecting a hearing aid. By doing the following, you will be able to successfully pass the adaptation period.


First, wear the environment; first adapt in a quiet environment, and slowly transition to a noisy environment. Because the sound suddenly becomes louder after wearing the hearing aid, it will feel uncomfortable, especially if you wear it in a noisy environment, it will make the child feel scared and tired of hearing aids, and therefore will not wear it.

Second, wear time; the time to wear the hearing aid should be short to long. When you first wear the hearing aid, you will feel tired. If you feel tired, take a break and take a break. Time can be increased a little according to personal circumstances, and there will be no feeling after adapting.

Thirdly, after wearing the hearing aid, it is necessary to communicate with it. For the hearing loss of the elderly, the speech resolving ability may also decrease. Therefore, after wearing the hearing aid, the old man should slow down and talk to the old man. The ability to adapt to hearing aids as soon as possible will improve the ability of the elderly to distinguish speech. For deaf children, it is the time to learn all aspects of knowledge. Language is the most important. Therefore, it is necessary to talk to the children more and more.

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