1Try to find small sounds in your life. When we have hearing loss, some small voices are not sensitive. Once we get reasonable intervention, we can hear all kinds of small sounds, such as the ticking of the clock, the rustling of the clothes, and the slight closing. Sound, etc. At first you may feel annoyed to hear these sounds. After a period of time, you will find that your brain can ignore the sounds that you don’t want to hear.


2Go outdoors. Some people who just wear hearing aids will feel noisy and dare not go outdoors. In fact, high-quality digital hearing aids can now realize the sound mode scene, and the sound heard outdoors is also a practice in noisy environment, which will let You quickly adapt to the noisy environment.

3,listen to music. Many people think that listening to music should be after the adaptation period. In fact, we may try to listen to some soft and cheerful music during the adaptation period, and feel the changes of melody and rhythm, which will help to get through the adaptation period.

Link:How can hearing aids adapt?

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