How to adapt to hearing aidsIf you have just worn the hearing aid, you will not get used to it.

The hearing aid is an auxiliary tool. It is like a crutches used by a scorpion. It will feel uncomfortable at first, just follow the plan of hearing rehabilitation:

First week: First of all, you have to stay at home and wear an hour or two every day to re-familiarize and distinguish sounds, such as cooking in the kitchen, alarming at home, talking to family or reading newspapers. At this time, you will find that the sound heard is increasing. Even if some sounds may feel different from before, some strangers, but stick to it, don’t be discouraged. (about two hours a day)

Week 2: You can wear a hearing aid to a quiet place outdoors, such as a park. You may find some sounds that you could not hear or you will hear more clearly than before, and the time you wear each day can be extended appropriately. . (about four hours a day)

Week 3: You can walk into public places such as food courts and shopping malls. You can talk to some of your friends, but you need to speak slowly, pronounce clearly, and don’t talk too long. (about six hours a day)

Week 4: Now you can adapt to watching TV, making phone calls or attending various concerts. You will find that the sound volume of watching TV is lighter than before, and it is clearer. When making a call, adjust the distance and angle of the handset’s earpiece to the hearing aid so that it is clear and there is no noise.


Link:How to adapt to hearing aids - if you are not wearing the hearing aid

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