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Ultra-small hearing aids, smaller than the average small hearing aids, are embedded in the subcutaneous tissue of the wearer’s head when worn, and can be worn sideways when worn.90The degree of observation is completely invisible, and the shape is small. At the same time, ultra-small hearing aids also have a series of advantages in acoustics. They are advanced products in the hearing aid category. They are mainly for people with hearing loss who have higher requirements on appearance and sound quality, and can effectively change the hearing condition of deaf patients.


Ultra-small hearing aidmain feature:

1.Wide range of applications, adapt to hearing loss35decibel-85Decibel hearing loss population.

  2.The volume control is appropriate, and the wearer generally does not need to adjust the volume after wearing it.

  3.The ultra-small hearing aids are small in appearance and concealed in shape, making them suitable for a wide range of people.

  4.You can completely avoid the whistling sound when you make a phone call and listen to a stereo headset. Therefore, there is no need to additionally install a telephone circuit.

  5.Suppress tinnitus to a certain extent, about70%The customer found that the tinnitus disappeared after wearing.

  6.The noise can be reduced, and the microphone is hidden in the depth of the ear canal, so it is less affected by the wind.

  7.To reduce the blockage, the hearing aid is worn deep in the ear canal, which greatly reduces the resonance effect of the cartilage, thereby reducing the blockage to the lowest point.

Ultra-small hearing aidThe advantages:

1.The ultra-small hearing aid is small and concealed. Ordinary hearing aids appear to be relatively large, and there are many inconveniences whether they are worn or worn on the body. However, the ultra-small hearing aids are small in size and placed directly on the ear canal when worn. They are convenient during wearing, are not easy to fall, and are easy to carry. .

2.Ultra-small hearing aids are available in a wide range of applications. It can be used by people with moderate or severe hearing loss. It can be used after fitting.

3.Ultra-small hearing aids are relatively simple to operate, and basically do not require manual operation. As long as the ultra-small hearing aids are placed in the ear canal in the correct way, it is usually convenient to take off or wear them.

4.Ultra-small hearing aids have good noise reduction and can automatically adapt to a variety of environments. Allows the wearer to clearly hear the surrounding sound.

Ultra-small hearing aidPrecautions when using

1.Although the ultra-small hearing aid is extremely small and concealed, it is the most afraid of falling and shocking devices.1-2When the height of the meter falls vertically, it is possible to break the sound-transmitting earphone in the hearing aid, and the position of the coil inside the machine moves to affect its sensitivity, so that the speech is distorted, the tone is changed, and the hearing aid effect is affected. Therefore, when using it, pay attention to prevent the fall of the hand and damage the hearing aid.

2. Ultra-small hearing aidIt is made up of electronic components and is highly rusting in high humidity environments. When the hearing aid is not in use, it should be placed in a dry box, which can effectively extend the life of the hearing aid, which is especially important in areas with high humidity and heat. The ear mold should be cleaned regularly (15Around day), use a neutral lotion to wash the bubbles and then dry them to remove scale and moisture.

3. The hearing aid is a kind of precision equipment. If it is exposed to high temperature for a long time (such as prolonged exposure to the stove, etc.), it may cause damage and must be prevented.

4.Keep out of reach of children and prevent children from swallowing.

  5.When not in use, the battery should not be placed in the hearing aid for a long time (more than two days) to prevent the battery from leaking and causing the hearing aid to corrode and rust.

6.In the event of a malfunction, it is necessary to promptly repair it at a professional manufacturer and a professional maintenance point. Generally, do not start the repair yourself to avoid damage to the components inside the machine.

7.Ultra-small hearing aidThere are several buttons that can be debugged, except for the switch and volume adjustment, which can be adjusted by yourself. Other buttons, such as the maximum output button and volume button, should be debugged by professionals. It can be used according to the hearing aid prescription issued by professionals. good.

Ultra-small hearing aidMaintenance editor

Ultra-small hearing aids are smaller than conventional hearing aids and have a more precise structure. Therefore, ultra-small hearing aids should be more care-maintained than general hearing aids. They should be placed in a relatively dry place to avoid moisture. Locations with high humidity should not be used frequently. So as not to affect the life of the hearing aid.

Keep earplugs clean and often wipe the sputum stuck in the small mouth of the earplugs. Do not collide with hard objects. When not in use, remove the battery to avoid power consumption. If you want to use it, you should first turn on the switch, then adjust the volume, and adjust to the close distance to talk clearly, you don’t need to be too loud. Turn off the switch when not in use to avoid power consumption.

If the use time is long, the sound may be weakened. In this case, check if the battery is dead. If the battery is soft or there is liquid, replace it with a new one and wipe the spill on the hearing aid with a soft cloth. The battery should be taken out before going to bed. It is best to use two batteries for rotation. Each section does not exceed each time.8Hours, so the battery life can be extended.

Ultra-small hearing aidFor people:

1.Adolescents who have developed into a child’s ear canal;

2.For young people with high aesthetic and sound quality requirements;

3.For young or middle-aged business people.

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