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Hearing aids are devices that are designed to assist hearing-impaired people with poor hearing ability, while invisible hearing aids are more aesthetically pleasing. So, what is the price of invisible hearing aids? What are disadvantages??

invisible hearing aid, meaning an ear canal hearing aid that is completely invisible. With the development of electronic technology in the past two years, hearing aid components can be made smaller and smaller. On this basis, the hearing aid field has also produced a revolutionary new type of hearing aid products.–Invisible hearing aid.

So, what is the price of invisible hearing aids??Since the technology of invisible hearing aids is more technical than other common hearing aids, the price will be more expensive, and the general price is2000More than original.

So, what are the disadvantages of invisible hearing aids??

Invisible hearing aidAdaptation rangeCICLower, generally smaller90db, the extended adaptation range is generally reachable100db. At present, there are mainly “Black Rose” series launched by Starck hearing aids, “Ruby” series launched by Aisheng hearing aids, “Nano” series of Phonak hearing aids, etc. Currently, invisible hearing aids are generally very expensive, except for the vocal ruby1In addition, the general price is more than 10,000 yuan, so it is only suitable for high-end people and young people with high shape requirements. The batteries used in invisible hearing aids are generally10AZinc air battery, love vocal ruby ​​hearing aid in addition to10AIn addition to the battery model, there is also a smaller use.5AThe battery hearing aid is the smallest hearing aid available, and it is also domestic..One use5ABattery hearing aids.

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