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Use in the process of tinnitus treatment Hearing aidThe practice, the audiologist Dr. Baker wrote in his article: “Before the reliable research results are drawn, we must be very cautious when trying to use advanced hearing aids to relieve the pain of patients with severe tinnitus; at the same time, Be careful to observe high-end Hearing aidThe amplification can be a benefit in this process. ”

A research report was recently published. Its research object is91Adult tinnitus patients who receive habit therapy or use a vocal and open-ear hearing aid, the history of tinnitus6More than a month, there are no ear problems; and, before, I have never received a habit therapy, and I am also wearing a hearing aid for the first time. According to the class system, the hearing threshold of these subjects is2000Hertz is equal to or less than25Decibel, in2000Hertz is equal to or greater than25Decibel, betweenI IIBetween classes. Audiologists such as Pararini used the “Tinnitus Disability Record” written by Newman, Jacobson, and Spitzer, respectively.3Month,6Months and12At the time of the month, the tinnitus of the subjects was tested.

Statistically speaking, the efficacy of habit therapy is the same as that of the use of sounders and open-ear hearing aids; and the use of electronic sounders and open-ear hearing aids to treat tinnitus, its core advantages Extremely similar and indistinguishable. Therefore, for the patient population involved in the test, experts unanimously concluded that the combination of habit therapy and sound therapy for tinnitus is effective.

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